The direct consequences of Corona have been so far less in comparison than in the West, but the indirect consequences for the country and healthcare are major.

At the beginning of 2021, deaths in Gambia from the Corona virus are still limited. We don't notice much of it in the hospital either. Because life in general happens outside of the house, the warm climate and the relatively young population, we do not have to fear for the time being. However, less is earned in The Gambia, while the costs on the market skyrocket. So there is less money available to come to the hospital. So people often only come at a late stage of their illness.


We focus on continuing daily care and paying extra attention to the weakest. With the help of private sponsorship money and a gift from Wilde Ganzen Foundation, we can start our Malnutrition clinic.


Due to the lack of income, the poorest families are experiencing a lack of food, which is already taking its toll. To prevent this from getting out of hand, we started this clinic. All children who come in are screened and if they are found to be malnutrition they enter the malnutrition program.


To convince the mothers to come to the consultation hour, we give them a set of clothes at the first consultation. Paying for a consultation is  difficult, although it concerns half a euro.


Specific food is provided because we cooperate with the government, but most parents cannot afford extras such as medication or laboratory tests.


Surely it can't be that these children fall victim to a virus that literally doesn't even hit them!