Care by Ticket Card

Published on 26 August 2020 at 13:30

Side effects such as the economic crisis hit the Gambia hard as a result of COVID.
One of the consequences is that Gambians hardly have access to regular healthcare anymore.
At Lamin Health Center we now offer the possibility to use to purchase a ticket card with a value of GMD 2.500. Would you like to support a Gambian with guaranteed care?
Then transfer € 50 to our Dutch bank account: NL 87 ABNA 0506645320  in the name of  Humanitarian Aid Gambia.
Mention in the description: Ticket card LHC, the name and telephone number of the Gambian who grants you qualitative care in this way.
This person has access to all necessary medical care (consultation, laboratory, medication, admission, delivery, dentist, etc) until the balance is used up.                                                         

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