NGO A27 - Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia 

Lamin Health Center has is working with a foundation based in the Netherlands Foundation Humanitarian Aid Gambia with a Gambia-based NGO A27, .


The foundation has been active in Gambia for more than 25 years with the major initiators Ellen Verlaan and Arthur Aalst. Over the years, they have engaged in gardens, schools, health centers and solar projects. All different ways to support the community,  everything is done in collaboration.


The principles of the NGO are: doing it yourself and creating independence.


The NGO, together with the World food Program, realized a 5-year project in which 500 children in two schools had breakfast and lunch, every school day. By developing a garden for 200 women, the schools could be provided with food and the women had an income. The project is a long-term success.


The Foundation in the Netherlands works together with, among others, the Noorderpoort College in Groningen. Several times second hand desktops and laptops have been sent to various schools and students here in The Gambia. We can report you: they are being used well!


The last promotion was in May 2020 where 30 students could purchase a Laptop for a small amount. The money is kept aside for unforeseen issues or repair of damage to the laptops.


The foundation has organized the well-known Amsterdam-Dakar Challenge for 10 years, in which the proceeds from the cars to be sold were spent on predetermined charities. You should know that the price of a car in Gambia is many times higher than the price in the Netherlands, for example. This way we can easily help each other.


The objectives of the foundation and LHC broadly agree and a partnership was created.