About LHC

Our shared goals

The financial situation of the Lamin Health Center (LHC) must be healthy and safeguarded in order to ensure continuity and a high quality. Steps to be taken are all aimed to make sure there is general and high quality care, today and in the days to come.


The service provided is subject to development and the management invests continuously in the development or expansion of the service, for example:

- Expansion of laboratory tests in order to give a better diagnoses and specific treatments;

- Setting up a malnutrition clinic to detect and treat malnutrition in a timely manner;

- Realizing an eye clinic;

- Expansion of the dental service for professional oral care;

- In the longer term, developing home care services, creating a hospice and developing visibility for tourists.


Local personnel must be well trained and/or be given the opportunity to use the further develop education or training. Collaboration with local and international doctors offers our employees and medical students an extra challenge. Nursing, primary school teachers and oral hygiene students get a special internship here.


Collaboration with the community in Lamin and the village development comity (VDC) are central. Implementing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between LHC and the Ministry of Health. Lamin Health Center is and remains a local hospital for and by the Lamin community and beyond.

Our facilities

The building consists of two adult wards, a pediatric ward, a private room and a dressingroom. An Emergengy Room with ECG, oxygen and monitors. There is a pharmacy, laboratory, reception and pantry. There are also two offices where doctors can do their consultations. There is a modern ultrasound machine. Opposite the clinic there is a comfortable labour ward and a morgue. Finally, there is a fully equipped dental clinic. 

Unexpected visitors are always welcome

A little bit of history...

LHC is a clinic in the heart of the village of Lamin in the busy Southwest of The Gambia. The current location has been a local health center since 1994. But it was dirty, cockroaches were running over the wall, it leaked and the water bill had not been paid for months. The doctor at the time had one bowl of water per day to work with...


In 2014, the Children of Lamin Foundation (KvL), located in the Netherlands, decided to realize the current building in collaboration with MRC-Holland and the Wilde Ganzen Foundation. What started as a charity work for Annemieke de Koning by guiding this healthcare project in a third world country, has grown into a full-time volunteer job in which she could use her knowledge as a nurse, experience and expertise in various management functions in Care and Welfare, for the benefit of the well-being and social importance for the lives of many Gambians.


Can you picture how this clinic looks like? Check this video from minute 2:33-4:12 for images of the nearby school and of course the LHC itself: https://youtu.be/ZlbETNUJ1Xs 


The history of the LHC is characterized by the close collaboration with locals and Gambians from all over the country, this work would be impossible without them.


The baobab was always there...