Want to do an internship or share your expertise as a volunteer... You are welcome!


Lamin Health Center offers an excellent internship for people who study nursing, teaching or oral hygiene. We also welcome volunteers who want to share their expertise for a short or longer period of time. We'll make sure you have a wonderful and comfortable time here. Read about the experiences of previous interns and volunteers and take a look at our pictures in the gallery to get an idea of life and work at LHC.

Students and volunteers can stay on the first floor of LHC; take a look at our accommodation.

Internship at LHC or the Babylon Cycle School


Many students have preceded you and they invariably say that you can gain experience here for the rest of your life. The Gambia offers a completely new experience, mainly because of its completely different culture, but also because of a religion and climate, a completely new experience than you would get in a Dutch/UK internship. If you join our school or hospital here, you really get to know The Gambia. You just learn more in the same time, as a professional, but also as a person.


In this predominantly Islamic country you will find a population that approaches life with a big smile. The Gambia is not called 'the smiling coast of Africa' for nothing. The Islamic rules are everywhere, but if toubab (white skin) does not follow those rules completely, you will be forgiven quickly. It is greatly appreciated if you adapt to the culture and thus show respect for the prevailing values and norms.


Learning from each other

The staff of LHC is used to international influences and you will create colleagues for life. The interaction between the students and the local staff is therefore appreciated by both parties for the exchange of knowledge. If you want to do an internship, this will go through your training institute. Our contact person in the Netherlands, Tina Folkersma will contact you.


See the script regarding the routing and time schedule. Once you have made the decision, you can always contact us if you want to know more in advance.



There is always room for volunteers in a hospital in an African country. If you feel like volunteering your energy in LHC, there is always something to do. Do you have expertise that you want to use here, for example as a midwife, dietician, elderly or child specialist, computer technician or are you just handy with hammer, drill, electricity or you name it, you are welcome. Seriously, don't hesitate to mail us.


Some tasks seem simple, but the need is great and the alternatives are not there for the taking. With the limited staff that we have and the much work that comes to us every day, we sometimes just need people who lend a practical hand. So don't let the above stop you, but send us an email if you think you can use your knowledge here for a good cause.

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