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Do you think what we can do here is as important as we do? 

Support LHC and with that the Gambian healthcare! You can transfer your contribution to bank account NL87 ABNA 0506645320 attn. Humanitarian Aid Gambia Foundation; BIC ABNANL2A stating Lamin Health Center or click on the button.

And you can be sure that we will spend the money well and carefully to work on the health of Gambians.


Vriend LHC


Vriend LHC


Help make a difference!

For only € 5 per month or € 60 ($ 68 / £ 55) per year you are a much appreciated 'Friend of LHC'

With your generous donation you support Lamin Health Center: European care for a Gambian price.

We will share the results of your donation on our website, Facebook page and annual report.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

In the past 5 years, LHC has welcomed many people who have supported the health center in all kind of ways. Sponsorship in goods and money have come our way in many forms. We are very grateful for that!


But... we could still use some structural support. 

We therefore ask you to become a 'friend of the LHC'


What distinguishes LHC from other hospitals in The Gambia?

LHC is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of eventually fully handing over the hospital to the Gambians. With the availability of good diagnostic equipment, the knowledge and skills how to deal with this and the training and connection of Gambian doctors and health care personnel, we build a stable situation for the future. We make our staff aware of the steps that need to be taken towards this independent situation and encourage them to take responsibilities. Ownership is the key to success but given the African culture it is sometimes a challenge.


As a friend of LHC you support us for €5,- a month or €60,- ($68 / £55) a year.


The question is... What can we do with your money?


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1. Poor People Fund: Quality care for everyone!

The Gambian population lives for the most on an average of €2,- per day.  Government health care is almost free but one does not get much further than an antibiotic, paracetamol and vitamin tablets. There is no health insurance in The Gambia.

Regularly we meet patients who really need care but can't afford it.  Through family, neighbors or friends an amount of money is collected but usually it is not enough. Through our 'Poor People Fund' we supplement the remaining amount.


2. Service and information for our special outpatient clinics.

In order to be able to help patients with, for example, diabetes, hypertension, malnutrition or pregnancy guidance, we use experienced local nurses. Adjustments in behavior, use of medication or e.g. nutrition are explained, but with 7 different languages and a large part of the population that is nonetheless illiterate, this can be difficult. There is a need for educational material based on pictures and drawings. Often our students help with the development of these but for the implementation (printing) financial support is therefore needed.


3. Good quality medication.

As mentioned before, medication is available in The Gambia. However, experience shows that the supply is limited and the quality often poor. Patients tell us that a paracetamol of Lamin Health Center works better than of the local government or pharmacy. When you visit the local markets you see stalls with medication in full sun.... That just might explain some.

LHC ordered most of the medication in the Netherlands from the IDA foundation. This comes in a container about 2 times a year after which we store it under controlled conditions and spend it. An average order  amounts up to €6500. 


4. Education and training of our employees.

In The Gambia many sponsors are also active in the field of education and training. A number of our employees and future doctors are sponsored by Dutch foundations with which LHC cooperates gratefully. Not everyone is eligible for sponsorship, but we would still like to better equip our own staff for positions that will eventually benefit the health center. An example of this is offering a qualified nurse training as a midwife. Such a training is about €280 per year per person.


5. A huge wish: an X-ray

Making X-rays for optimal diagnostics e.g. in tuberculosis or now during the corona outbreak would offer many possibilities in the treatment and guidance of people. There is a possibility to have X-rays taken but often they are of such poor quality that it is a waste of effort and money. Digital solar X-rays have been developed especially for Africa. The challenge now is to get some money in order to buy such a machine...

All in all a few of our wishes that will come closer because of your support.

Chairman and board member Gert and Inge Bruijnes of the Children of Lamin Foundation have initiated the construction of the building and have supported the hospital financially over the past 5 years. The foundation has since withdrawn.