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We like to inform the general public that your cure is 24/7 our care. You are highly welcome, Lamin Health Center is always open.

Your health is the most important value in life so visit Lamin Health Center if you don't feel well. Feel free to consult the doctors or join one of our clinics. With proper diagnoses, professional health care and quality drugs we are ready to serve you!


E-Health: electronic patient digitalsystem

At Lamin Health Center we use an electronic patient system. We take your information and details, so we can keep track of your health-history. It’s only necessary to register the first time you come as a patient. Every patient receives a client number. We store the confidential information internally, on our ethernet. So your personal information does not go online. We respect your privacy!


Our services:

- Consultation / OPD

When you see your doctor regularly, they are able to detect health conditions or diseases early. Early detection gives you the best chance for getting the right treatment quickly, avoiding any complications. And if you need medication, we have quality drugs in our pharmacy.

Our medical staff is 24 hours available


Fertility Clinic

The number of pregnant ladies who entrust us with the care of their expectant motherhood is increasing. We assist couples, and sometimes individuals, who want to become parents but for medical reasons have been unable to achieve this goal via the natural course. Clinics apply a number of diagnosis tests and sometimes very advanced medical treatments to achieve conceptions and pregnancies.

This clinic is open every Monday afternoon.


- Diabetes & Hypertension Clinic 
Diabetes is a serious condition where your blood glucose level is too high. It can happen when your body doesn't produce enough insulin, or when you can't produce any at all. Some of the signs and symptoms of diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 are: increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, unexplained weight loss.


High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is blood pressure that is higher than normal. Your blood pressure changes throughout the day based on your activities. Having blood pressure measures consistently above normal may result in a diagnosis of high blood pressure. 

The most common causes of hypertension include smoking, being overweight, diabetes, having a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, high salt or alcohol intake levels, insufficient consumption of calcium, potassium or magnesium, a deficiency in vitamin D, stress, aging and chronic kidney disease.

 This clinic is open every Wednesday morning.


- Gynocologist

Every Wednesday afternoon.


- Antenatal Care
Antenatal care is the care you get from healthcare professionals to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy. It includes information on services and support to make choices right for you. Antenatal care will include regular appointments with a midwife, ultrasound scans and screening tests for you and your baby.

Our antenatal care is the routine health control of presumed healthy pregnant women without symptoms (screening), in order to diagnose diseases or complicating obstetric conditions without symptoms, and to provide information about lifestyle, pregnancy and delivery.

Good antenatal care includes regular screening which can detect and prevent early complications such as hypertension and pregnancy diabetes; both of which can dramatically affect the fetus. Early detection means regular monitoring and treatment.

This clinic is open every Thursday morning.


- Postnatal Care
Postnatal care is the care given to the mother and her newborn baby immediately after the birth and for the first six weeks of life. At LHC we work with three different appointments whereby our professionals check both the mother as well as the baby.

Postpartum care is important because new moms are at risk of serious and sometimes life-threatening health complications in the days and weeks after giving birth. Too many new moms have or even die from health problems that may be prevented by getting postpartum care. Postpartum checkups are important for any new mom.

Women in the postnatal period need to maintain a balanced diet, just as they did during pregnancy. Iron and folic acid supplementation should also continue for 3 months after birth. Women who are breastfeeding require additional food and should drink sufficient clean water.

This clinic is open every Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.


- Scanning
We do scanning (ultrasound) every  Saturday afternoon.


- Malnutrition

We have opened a special clinic for malnutrition. Malnutrition is lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right vitamins, or being unable to use the food that one does eat. Malnutrition is still a major problem in our society, with major consequences. And as a result of the massive economic crisis, we are seeing serious cases, especially among children. Lamin Health Center can make a difference through good medical care and information for the parents.

This clinic is open every Friday morning.


- Dressing

Wound care is the expert and professional creation of an optimal condition in which a wound can go through the various phases.
There are different types of wounds. These have different causes and treatment methods, each of which requires specific care.

You are welcome for proper dressing, and we also offer the option of circumcision

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- Dental Clinic 

Regular dental visits are important because they help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. During the dental check up, your dental professional will check your overall oral health for any trouble areas. During the cleaning, your dental professional will remove any plaque and tartar buildup and may polish your teeth.

The dental clinic is open every Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon.

- Ambulance

If for some reason we can not help our patients in our hospital, we provide transport assistance. 


The Clinic is always open

"Your cure is - 24/7 - our care"

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